December 11, 2018: CW3E AR Update: 5-7 December 2018 Summary

December 10, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: Atmospheric Rivers impacting Northern California and their modulation by a variable climate

November 27, 2018: CW3E AR Update: 27 November 2018 Outlook

November 21, 2018: CW3E AR Update: 21 November 2018 Outlook

November 20, 2018: CW3E AR Update: 20 November 2018 Outlook

November 19, 2018: CW3E AR Update: 19 November 2018 Outlook

November 16, 2018: CW3E AR Update: 16 November 2018 Outlook

November 13, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: Circulation drivers of atmospheric rivers at the North American West Coast

October 15, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: Quantification of the impacts of Atmospheric Rivers on precipitation over southern South America

October 8, 2018: Distribution of Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers on the U.S. West Coast During Water Year 2018: End of Water Year Summary

October 4, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: The Relationship between Extratropical Cyclone Strength and Atmospheric River Intensity and Position

September 17, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: ARTMIP-Early Start Comparison of Atmospheric River Detection Tools: How Many Atmospheric Rivers Hit Northern California’s Russian River Watershed?

August 21, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: Empirical Return Periods of the Most Intense Vapor Transports during Historical Atmospheric River Landfalls on the U.S. West Coast

August 13, 2018: CW3E Tables at the Ecologik Program Summer Science Experience

August 8, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: The Gauging and Modeling of Rivers in the Sky