AR Recon Makes Headlines in New York Times and Los Angeles Times

February 2, 2023

AR Recon, a CW3E led program in partnership with NCEP and the U.S. Air Force, has made headlines in both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times in recent weeks. CW3E’s leadership of AR Recon is enabled by strong support from California DWR’s AR Program and the USACE through the Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO) program. Reporters from both papers had a chance to fly on NOAA’s G-IV and talk to CW3E Director, Marty Ralph (PI of AR Recon) and Anna Wilson (AR Recon Coordinator). For the full articles, please use the links below.

NY Times: Getting Inside California’s Wild Weather, 8 Miles Over the Pacific

(NY Times Print Article) (NY Times Article PDF)

LA Times: How do you track an atmospheric river? Climb aboard this highflying reconnaissance jet

(LA Times Print Article) (LA Times Article PDF)

Marty Ralph, center, watches as meteorologists Rich Henning, left, and Sofia de Solo track data while flying above an atmospheric river over the Pacific Ocean. (Ian James / Los Angeles Times)