December 2, 2014: Short diagnosis of development of a tropic surge, cut-off low and AR features

November 5, 2014: Publication Notice: Climatological Characteristics of Atmospheric Rivers and Their Inland Penetration over the Western United States

October 27, 2014: Heavy rain in the Pacific northwest

October 9, 2014: California Drought: 2013/14 4th driest water year on record

September 16, 2014: NASA NEWS program selects joint JPL+CW3E AR proposal

September 10, 2014: Publication Notice: An Airborne Study of an Atmospheric River over the Subtropical Pacific during WISPAR: Dropsonde Budget-Box Diagnostics and Precipitation Impacts in Hawaii

May 2, 2014: CalWater-ACAPEX 2015 Planning Workshop

May 1, 2014: CW3E Director Ralph featured in ClimateWire Article

April 28, 2014: ARs Play Role in Greenland Melt Episodes

April 25, 2014: Vision for future observations of extreme events in Western US

April 17, 2014: Atmospheric Rivers as Drought Busters