CW3E AR Update: 05 June 2017 Outlook

June 05, 2017

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Late Season AR Forecast to Impact West Coast

  • An unseasonably strong AR is forecast to impact the Pacific Northwest and Northern CA over the next couple of days
  • As much as 4.1 inches of precipitation is forecast to fall over the higher elevations of the Coastal Mountains in CA and OR over the next week
  • With higher freezing levels forecast during landfall, there is a potential for rain on snow and increased runoff
  • Due to the combination of snowmelt and the landfalling AR, several rivers in the Pacific Northwest are forecast to rise above flood stage

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Valid 1200 UTC 05 June – 0600 UTC 10 June 2017







Summary provided by C. Hecht and F.M. Ralph; 1 PM PT Monday 05 June 2017