CW3E AR Update: 5 January 2023 Outlook

January 5, 2023

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Atmospheric Rivers Forecast to Continue to Bring Additional Precipitation to Northern and Central California

  • A family of ARs (Fish et al. 2019) is forecast to make landfall beginning Friday, continuing into early next week
  • The first AR is forecast to make landfall late in the day Friday 6 Jan and bring a period of IVT > 400 kg/ms into Northern and Central California
  • Before AR conditions from the first AR completely dissipate, a second AR associated with a surface low-pressure system is forecast to bring a stronger pulse of IVT > 600 kg/ms to the same areas, resulting in AR 2 conditions (based on the Ralph et al. 2019 AR Scale)
  • The third and strongest AR is forecast to make landfall along the coast of Northern California with IVT exceeding 750 kg/ms resulting in AR 3/AR 4 conditions in the region, although considerable uncertainty remains in the exact timing, intensity, duration, and position of this system
  • The NWS Weather Prediction Center is forecasting more than 7 inches of precipitation for a broad area over coastal Northern and Central California, the Southern Cascades, and Sierra Nevada
  • NWS WPC has also issued excessive rainfall outlooks for multiple days during this period, highlighting the hazard posed by additional rainfall on soils which are currently saturated
  • Precipitation forecast for watersheds across Northern and Central California currently exceed 8 inches over a 7-day period, with the North Fork Feather > 10 inches over this forecast period
  • The NWS California Nevada River Forecast Center has forecast streamflow to exceed flood stage at multiple locations in California in association with the precipitation from this sequence of ARs
  • A period of active weather will continue for the US West Coast next week, stay tuned to CW3E for future AR Outlooks and Quick Looks
  • Stay alert to official NWS forecasts, watches, and warnings at and follow guidance from local emergency management officials

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Valid 0000 UTC 6 January – 0900 UTC 11 January 2023










Summary provided by S. Bartlett, S. Roj, C. Castellano, J. Kalansky, and F. M. Ralph; 5 January 2023

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