CW3E AR Update: 7-10 April 2016 Outlook

April 7, 2016

A weak low pressure system and high Integrated Water Vapor (IWV) values have brought light-to-moderate precipitation over Southern California this morning. A closed low is expected to develop off the coast over the next two days and will produce moderate precipitation over Southern California on 8-10 April 2016. IWV and Integrated Water Vapor Transport (IVT) values will be above AR thresholds but spatial characteristics of IWV/IVT will not meet the requirements of an AR. Coastal Southern California will experience AR conditions (IWV >20 mm and IVT >250 kg m-1 s-1) and light-to-moderate precipitaton, but this event is not considered an AR. For up to date AR forecasts visit the CW3E AR Portal.

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