CW3E AR Update: 9 February 2017 Outlook

February 9, 2017

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Update on AR Currently Impacting CA, OR, and WA

  • Precipitation continues to fall over portions of Northern California, Washington, and Oregon
  • Another 3–5 inches of precipitation has fallen over some locations over the last 24-hrs
  • AR conditions will last for several more hours over Northern CA before the AR propagates southward over Southern CA
  • Up to 5 more inches could fall over the High Sierra’s and 1–2 inches forecast at lower elevations and portions of Southern CA

Click IVT or IWV image to see loop of 0-84 hour GFS forecast

Valid 1200 UTC 8 Feb – 0000 UTC 12 Feb 2017

The AR will continue to impact Central and Northern CA, OR, and WA before weakening and propagating southward over Southern California







Summary provided by C. Hecht and F.M. Ralph; 1 PM PT Thurs 09 Feb. 2017