CW3E Graduate Student Speaks at Instituto Dom Luiz in Portugal

December 23, 2019

In early December, Tashiana Osborne (CW3E graduate student) was invited to speak at Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr. Alexandre Ramos, CW3E collaborator and IDL researcher, hosted Osborne during a Geophysical Science seminar on campus. Osborne presented background information on atmospheric rivers and recent CW3E research efforts. She also described science policy-related experiences as a Scripps/Moravian College delegate for the most recent United Nations climate change conference (COP25 – more about Osborne’s experience here).

Similar to CW3E, IDL “aims to be relevant not only in fundamental Earth System research, but also in applications and technologies that relate science with the main 21st century societal concerns: forecasting and adapting to climate change and to other major natural hazards, and establishing an environmentally sustainable supply of raw materials, water and energy.”

Ramos served as a co-facilitator and mentor for recent International Atmospheric Rivers Colloquia (IARC). He has published relevant research involving tracking and detecting atmospheric rivers, and understanding atmospheric rivers impacting the Iberian Peninsula and South Africa (view links to Ramos’ work here).

Osborne sharing with a group of IDL researchers and students in Lisbon (PC: IDL).