CW3E Visits the NWS California Nevada River Forecast Center

March 31, 2017

The NWS California Nevada River Forecast Center (CNRFC) in Sacramento, CA, which provides essential hydrologic forecasts to stakeholders, recently hosted CW3E’s Dr. Anna Wilson for a day of shadowing CNRFC team members. She benefitted greatly from observing the operating procedures of expert Hydrometeorological Analysis and Support (HAS) forecasters Holly Osborne and Kyle Lerman, and Senior Hydrologist Pete Fickenscher. Dr. Wilson was also able to tour the State-Federal Flood Operations Center. This is collocated with the CNRFC, NWS Sacramento, and the California Department of Water Resources to leverage those agencies’ strong commitment and significant contributions to supporting emergency and water management agencies in California. The CW3E visit to CNRFC offered an opportunity to share perspectives on the historic 2016-2017 winter season, and to talk about current research activities, modeling efforts, and topics of common interest.

From left to right: Holly Osborne (CNRFC HAS Forecaster), Mike Imgarten (CNRFC Hydrologist), Anna Wilson (CW3E postdoc), Kyle Lerman (CNRFC HAS Forecaster), and Scott Staggs (CNRFC Senior Hydrologist).