CW3E welcomes Dr. Aneesh Subramanian

June 29, 2017

Dr. Aneesh Subramanian started at CW3E in April 2017 as a Project Scientist. Aneesh graduated from the Climate Research Division at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego with a Ph. D. in 2012. His research interests are mainly focused on climate dynamics, predictability, data assimilation and geophysical fluid dynamics. During his thesis work, he showed that the Community Climate System Model, version 4 (CCSM4) is one of the few coupled climate models, which accounts for the MJO reasonably well. His thesis work was one of the first modeling studies to demonstrate that the MJO tends to amplify with global warming, consistent with previous studies, which used observations and reanalysis data. He has also worked on assimilating ship and satellite observed data into a regional eddy-permitting ocean model of the South East Pacific to better understand mesoscale (10-1000 km) ocean processes in this region using a regional ocean model. He also studies nonlinear data assimilation techniques to improve upon the Ensemble Kalman Filter and adjoint based methods in data assimilation.

More recently, he pursued his postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford primarily focused on studying predictability on weather to seasonal timescales using a novel probabilistic forecasting system with stochastic physics. The main focus of his current work is in gaining a better understanding of the predictability of the climate system on subseasonal and seasonal timescales (S2S) especially over the Western US region and for phenomena such as atmospheric rivers, atmospheric blocking, extratropical cyclones and heat waves. He is also focused on better understanding the Madden-Julian Oscillation and its extratropical teleconnections using global and regional climate models. Another focus of his work is on data assimilation and stochastic physics parameterization in regional and global climate models. Dr. Subramanian will be leading the Subseasonal-to- Seasonal forecasting effort at CW3E.