Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI)

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The EDI Task Force


The EDI Task Force is a committee of CW3E personnel who are appointed annually to focus on anti-racism, inclusivity, retention, education and outreach at the center. This committee was started in 2020 in the wake of nationwide anti-racism protests and continues to expand its focus with the goal of improving diversity and retention at the center and within the geosciences.

The EDI task force is comprised of three working groups focusing on three main topics: Hiring and Recruitment, Workplace Culture and Inclusion, and Research Partnerships and Outreach.

CW3E aspires to promote the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in every aspect of our work. Our vision is to build a research center that:

  1. Understands the intrinsic value of a diverse workforce and continually seeks to expand the representation of people from diverse backgrounds and identities in the geosciences, as well as our talent pool.
  2. Fosters an environment where all members feel valued, supported, and included.
  3. Partners with and includes the perspectives of historically underrepresented communities in our research, education, and outreach.

2023 EDI Task Force

Tom Corringham


Agniv Sengupta


Samuel Bartlett

Greta Easthom

Weiming Hu

Deanna Nash

Rui Sun

Xun (Jerry) Zou

Prior CW3E EDI Task Force Members

CW3E 2022 EDI Task Force

CW3E 2021 EDI Task Force

EDI Task Force contact: cw3e-edi-g@ucsd.edu