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Selecting data icons on the map will display imagery below.

Plot Information:
There are several interactive layers on this page:
GFS IWV/IVT: This layer is a series of images of the Global Forecast System integrated water vapor (IWV) and integrated vapor transport (IVT) forecast for the 0-to-72-hr (additional periods will be added soon) period. The images are created in house from data provided by NCEP. Data are updated every 6 hours at 1 and 7 AM/PM.

7-d GFS Meteogram: This layer will produce a series of points on the map that are color coded based on the the maximum IVT expected over the next 7 days. Clicking these dots will open a 7-day meteogram (time series) of AR-related forecast information for that point. Data are updated every 6 hours.

7-d GEFS/EC IVT Plume Latest GEFS/ECMWF IVT Plume Diagram represents the integrated water vapor transport (IVT) forecast for each of the 30 and 50 perturbed GFS/ECMWF ensemble models (thin gray lines), the unperturbed control forecasts (black line), the ensemble mean (green line), and the +/- 1 standard deviation from the ensemble mean (red/blue lines with gray shading).