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CW3E Ensemble-derived Freezing Level Map (left) and Plumes (right; after click)

Selecting watersheds on the map will display time series of freezing-level information below.

Page Description: This page uses GEFS forecasts to show probabilities of the freezing level being above or below the terrain height, i.e., forecast near-surface temperatures being above or below freezing, and precipitation falling as rain or snow. The maps show the fraction of GEFS ensemble members with freezing levels below the terrain height (i.e., near-surface temperatures below freezing) when the 21 GEFS ensemble members are downscaled to a 1-km digital elevation model. Dark or light shading indicates greater GEFS certainty, whereas shading in between indicates less certainty about temperature relative to freezing and thus precipitation phase. NOAA WPC 6-hourly precipitation is also contoured in mm on the map, and HUC8 watershed boundaries are shown. GEFS freezing levels are downscaled and bias corrected according to validation conducted in Henn et al. 2018, in prep.

Page contacts: The forecast data, imagery, and functionality of this site were designed collaboratively by B. Henn (UCSD) and J. Cordeira (UCSD/PSU). Please contact them directly with any questions.