F. Martin Ralph, PhD.

Full CV

CW3E Management

Luca Delle Monache, PhD., CW3E Deputy Director

Julie Kalansky, PhD., CW3E Operations Manager

Kelly Tucker, CW3E Financial Analyst

Anna Wilson, PhD., CW3E Field Research Manager

CW3E Employees (CW3E funded personnel at UC San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography):


Current Graduate Students:

Undergraduate Students:

  • Itzel Gomez (UC San Diego CAMP Summer Research Program)
  • Jiapeng Li (UC San Diego)

Graduated: (primary supervisor indicated)

Affiliates (Receives funding from CW3E-led projects):

Research Collaborators (*PIs and former PIs):

Partners (Key organizations supporting CW3E):

Business Support (Part of Scripps Business Office):

CW3E Alumni:

  • David Lavers, PhD. European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)
  • Scott Sellars, PhD. 2017-2018 AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, National Science Foundation
  • Nicolas Siler, PhD. Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Science, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University
  • Brian Henn, PhD.

Photo of most CW3E members. Shown in photo: 1)Rachel Weihs (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 2)Brian Kawzenuk (Staff Research Associate, UC San Diego/Scripps), 3)Zhenhai Zhang (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 4)Jason Cordeira (Assistant Professor, Plymouth State University), 5)Chad Hecht (Staff Research Associate, UC San Diego/Scripps), 6)Duane Waliser (NASA/JPL & UC San Diego/Scripps Research Associate) 7)Forest Cannon (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 8)Marty Ralph (Director, UC San Diego/Scripps), 9)Michael Dettinger (USGS), 10)Anna Wilson (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 11)Amato Evan (Assistant Professor, UC San Diego/Scripps) 12)Joel Norris (Professor, UC San Diego/Scripps) 13)Tamara Shulgina (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 14)Caroline Papadopoulos (Programmer Analyst, UC San Diego/Scripps) 15)Rob Hartman (UC San Diego/Scripps), 16)Kristen Guirguis (Project Scientist, UC San Diego/Scripps) 17)Minghua Zheng (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps) 18)Sasha Gershunov (UC San Diego/Scripps) 19)Daniel Cayan (Researcher, UC San Diego/Scripps) 20)Reuben Demirdjian (Graduate Student, UC San Diego/Scripps), 21)Tashiana Osborne (Graduate Student, UC San Diego/Scripps), 22)Meredith Fish (Graduate Student, UC San Diego/Scripps) 23)Maryam Asgari-Lamjiri (Graduate Student, UC San Diego/Scripps), 24) Julie Kalansky (Staff Research Associate, UC San Diego/Scripps)