F. Martin Ralph, PhD.

CW3E Management

Rod Cressey, CW3E Budget Administration

Julie Kalansky, PhD., CW3E Operations Manager

CW3E Employees (CW3E funded personnel at UC San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography):


Current Graduate Students:

Undergraduate Students:

  • Itzel Gomez (UC San Diego CAMP Summer Research Program)
  • Jiapeng Li (UC San Diego)
  • Cody Poulsen (UC San Diego)

Graduated: (primary supervisor indicated)

Affiliates (Receives funding from CW3E-led projects):

Research Collaborators (*PIs and former PIs):

Partners (Key organizations supporting CW3E):

Business Support (Part of Scripps Business Office):

Photo of most CW3E members. Shown in photo: 1)Rachel Weihs (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 2)Brian Kawzenuk (Staff Research Associate, UC San Diego/Scripps), 3)Zhenhai Zhang (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 4)Jason Cordeira (Assistant Professor, Plymouth State University), 5)Chad Hecht (Staff Research Associate, UC San Diego/Scripps), 6)Duane Waliser (NASA/JPL & UC San Diego/Scripps Research Associate) 7)Forest Cannon (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 8)Marty Ralph (Director, UC San Diego/Scripps), 9)Michael Dettinger (USGS), 10)Anna Wilson (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 11)Amato Evan (Assistant Professor, UC San Diego/Scripps) 12)Joel Norris (Professor, UC San Diego/Scripps) 13)Tamara Shulgina (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps), 14)Caroline Papadopoulos (Programmer Analyst, UC San Diego/Scripps) 15)Rob Hartman (UC San Diego/Scripps), 16)Kristen Guirguis (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps) 17)Mingua Zheng (Post Doc, UC San Diego/Scripps) 18)Sasha Gershunov (UC San Diego/Scripps) 19)Danial Cayan (Researcher, UC San Diego/Scripps) 20)Reuben Demirdijian (Graduate Student, UC San Diego/Scripps), 21)Tashiana Osborne (Graduate Student, UC San Diego/Scripps), 22)Meredith Fish (Graduate Student, UC San Diego/Scripps) 23)Maryam Asgari-Iamjiri (Graduate Student, UC San Diego/Scripps), 24) Julie Kalansky (Staff Research Associate, UC San Diego/Scripps)