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10/12/2023: Hydro Dams Are Struggling to Handle the World’s Intensifying Weather; WIRED

12/06/2022: Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Flight Season Gets an Early Start This Winter; Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

04/13/2022: ECMWF participates in Atmospheric River Reconnaissance; European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

03/01/2022: 53rd WRS wrapping up Atmospheric River missions; 403rd Wing

01/12/2022: Atmospheric River Storm Observations Over Pacific Ocean to Expand this Winter; Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

05/14/2020: Flights Into The Stratosphere Study Changes To Atmospheric Rivers; National Public Radio (NPR)

04/06/2020: Flying high with NOAA over the Pacific; ECMWF Science Blog

03/10/2020: San Diego Researchers Probe Rain System Soaking Area; kpbs

03/09/2020: Local scientists launch weather balloons to study ‘atmospheric river’; Fox 5 San Diego

02/25/2020: Drought or dangerous flooding? Research aims to tame atmospheric river risks — and save California’s rain; Cal Matters

02/24/2020: Flying with NOAA’s Hurricane Hunters; KOIN 6

02/11/2020: There Are Rivers in the Sky Drenching the U.S. Because of Climate Change; Bloomberg

01/31/2020: As California preps for more ‘horizontal hurricanes,’ Air Force gathers intel over Pacific; The Sacramento Bee

01/29/2020: Scripps researchers are flying into storms to study atmospheric rivers; ABC News San Diego

01/27/2020: UCSD scientists will ride research aircraft into huge storms to study ‘atmospheric rivers’; San Diego Union Tribune

01/25/2020: Scientists Taking New Approach to Studying Atmospheric Rivers; NBC San Diego

01/24/2020: Atmospheric rivers aim at Pacific Northwest, with copious coastal rain and feet of mountain snow predicted; The Washington Post

01/23/2020: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Air Force, NOAA to Fly into Atmospheric River Storms Over Pacific Ocean this Winter; UC San Diego/Scripps

01/15/2020: NRL researching rivers in the sky; Defense Visual Information Distribution Service

01/06/2020: CW3E Publication Notice: A Case Study of the Physical Processes Associated with the Atmospheric River Initial Condition Sensitivity from an Adjoint Model; UC San Diego/Scripps

08/01/2019: AR Recon Officially Called for in the National Winter Season Operations Plan; UC San Diego/Scripps

04/19/2019: AR Recon 2019 – Drifting Buoy Project Highlighted in ECMWF Spring 2019 Newsletter ; European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

02/28/2019: CW3E AR Update: 25-27 February Post Event Summary; UC San Diego/Scripps

02/05/2019: CW3E Post Event Summary: 02 February 2019 AR; UC San Diego/Scripps

08/08/2018: CW3E Publication Notice: The Gauging and Modeling of Rivers in the Sky; UC San Diego/Scripps

08/02/2018: CW3E Hosts Student Workshop on AR Forecasting; UC San Diego/Scripps

07/22/2018: Second International Atmospheric Rivers Conference, June 25-28, 2018; UC San Diego/Scripps

02/08/2018: Atmospheric River Reconnaissance – 2018 is Underway; UC San Diego/Scripps

02/02/2018: CW3E Publication Notice: An Inter-comparison Between Reanalysis and Dropsonde Observations of the Total Water Vapor Transport in Individual Atmospheric Rivers; UC San Diego/Scripps

12/15/2017: Hunting Atmospheric Rivers; UC San Diego Scientists Preparing to Capture Data From Critical Source of California’s Water Supply; UC San Diego

09/14/2017: CW3E Publication Notice: Dropsonde Observations of Total Integrated Water Vapor Transport within North Pacific Atmospheric Rivers; UC San Diego/Scripps