CW3E Major Themes

Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO)

By developing, demonstrating, and implementing objective tools and science, CW3E can create a natural link between research, applications, and codified operational procedures to enable multipurpose reservoir operators to use the best available science to inform their actions.

Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction (S2S) of Extreme Weather

CW3E aims to improve understanding of the S2S predictability of ARs and become a regional leader in producing experimental S2S outlooks of ARs over the western United States.

Atmospheric Rivers Research and Applications

CW3E will work toward effective, efficient, integrated monitoring of the state of the atmosphere, ocean surface, and land surface and subsurface to support decision-makers and stakeholders, and to answer key research questions that will increase forecasting accuracy for high-impact events at all relevant lead times.

Modeling Capabilities for the Western United States

CW3E will contribute to the development and application of state-of-the-art weather, hydrology, and coupled modeling systems at spatiotemporal scales relevant to decisions about water resource and emergency management in the western United States.

Monitoring and Projections of Climate Variability and Change

CW3E will develop a comprehensive understanding of the physics and the probabilistic and statistical characteristics of extreme precipitation events in the West to inform resource and risk management.

Emerging Technologies

CW3E will develop and test data assimilation for individual and coupled systems, with a focus on extreme precipitation associated with West Coast ARs. We will build expertise in AI, ML, and post-processing algorithms to add value to weather prediction tools.