CW3E Internship Program


To provide summer research opportunities to undergraduate students on projects regarding U.S. West Coast weather phenomena such as atmospheric rivers and the North American Monsoon, and to provide our own senior graduate students and post-doctoral scholars with opportunities to obtain mentoring skills.

Desired Outcomes

  • Students will complete a research project guided by an advanced graduate student or post-doctoral scholar under the leadership of a senior researcher at CW3E.
  • CW3E will provide a hands-on and interactive learning experience for the visiting students.
  • At a minimum, students will gain skills in meteorology, data analysis, scientific visualization and oral and written presentations. Depending on the project, additional skills will be strengthened or developed.

Program Details

  • The program will take place over summer 2021 with individual internships lasting nine weeks.
  • Start Date: June 20, 2021
  • End Date: August 20, 2021
  • Compensation: Interns can expect to be paid $15/hr for 35-40hr/wk during the 9 week period. Additionally, if the program is available to be held in person, CW3E will provide housing on campus and travel expenses.

Program Expectations

  • Students will give a 15-minute presentation of their project at the end of their internship.
  • Student will keep a detailed research notebook of their methods and results so that work on their project may be continued after the program ends.

Potential Projects

  1. The impact of adaptive observations on atmospheric river predictability
  2. Investigate observational database of precipitation, stream discharge or MRR data for hydrometeorology topics and/or instrument calibration
  3. Pseudo global warming study of atmospheric rivers
  4. Forecasting and communicating atmospheric rivers

For more information or questions about the program please contact Cody Poulsen.


Due to the large uncertainties surrounding the development of the COVID-19 pandemic we will be unable to confirm an in-person program until June, 2021. We will be following the precedent set by the University of California San Diego and county health officials to ensure the safest form of participation. The CW3E Summer Intern Program WILL NOT be canceled if an in-person program can not be safely operated, nonetheless, a degree of flexibility will be built into the program from the beginning to allow full remote participation. If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Cody Poulsen.

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