Public Reports

Reports listed here are authored by one or more CW3E members or sponsors.

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Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations Steering Committee, Prado Dam, 2019: Final Work Plan for Viability Assessment of Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO) at Prado Dam. click here for pdf.

Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations Steering Committee, Lake Mendocino, 2017: Preliminary Viability Assessment of Lake Mendocino. Retrieved from

Jasperse, J., F.M. Ralph, M. Anderson, L. Brekke, M. Dillabough, M. Dettinger, R. Hartman, C. Jones, P. Rutten, C. Talbot, R. Webb, D. Ford, A. O’Donnell and A. DuBay, 2015: A comprehensive plan to evaluate the viability of forecast informed reservoir operations for Lake Mendocino. Sonoma County Water Agency report, 1-374. click here for pdf.

Jasperse, J., Ralph, F. M., Anderson, M., Brekke, L., Malasavage, N., Dettinger, M. D., Forbis, J., Fuller,J., Talbot, C., Webb, R., & Haynes, A. (2020). Lake Mendocino Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations Final Viability Assessment. UC San Diego.

Ralph, F.M., K.A. Prather, D. Cayan, R. Spackman, P. DeMott, M. Dettinger, C. Fairall, R. Leung, D. Rosenfeld, S. Rutledge, D. Waliser, and A.B. White, 2014: CalWater 2: Precipitation, Aerosols, and Pacific Atmospheric Rivers Experiment. CalWater2 White Paper. click here for pdf file

Ralph, F. M., Woodside, G., Anderson, M., Cleary-Rose, K., Haynes, A., Jasperse, J., Sweeten,J., Talbot, C.,Tyler, J.,Vermeeren, R. (2021). Prado Dam Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations Preliminary Viability Assessment. UC San Diego. Retrieved from