The Atmospheric Rivers Book

In summer 2020, scientists and affiliates of CW3E (Ralph, Dettinger, Waliser & Rutz), teaming with 30 other scientists from CW3E and around the world, published the standard reference book on Atmospheric Rivers (ARs), incorporating roughly 20 years of research on the topic, emphasizing progress made on key research and applications questions and remaining knowledge gaps. The book is designed to provide background and details of modern AR science to practitioners in the fields of meteorology, hydrology, and related disciplines, including students as well as senior researchers. The book presents the history of atmospheric-rivers research, the current state of scientific knowledge, tools, and policy-relevant (science-informed) problems that lend themselves to real-world application of the research―and how the topic fits into larger national and global contexts, in eight chapters.



Lead Authors


Introduction to Atmospheric Rivers

Ralph, Dettinger, Schick, & Anderson


Structure, Process, and Mechanism

Sodemann, Wernli, Knippertz, Cordeira et al


Observing and Detecting Atmospheric Rivers

Ralph, White, Wick, Anderson & Rutz


Global and Regional Perspectives

Rutz, Guan, Bozkurt, Gorodetskaya et al


Effects of Atmospheric Rivers

Dettinger, Lavers, Compo, Gorodetskaya et al


Atmospheric River Modeling—Forecasting, Climate Simulations, and Climate Projections

Waliser & Cordeira


Applications of Knowledge and Predictions of Atmospheric Rivers

Schick, Anderson, Ralph, Dettinger, David A. Lavers, Pappenberger et al


The Future of Atmospheric River Research and Applications

Ralph, Waliser, Dettinger, Rutz, Anderson et al

The standard citation for the book is:

Ralph, M., Dettinger, M., Waliser, D., and Rutz, J. (eds.), 2020, Atmospheric Rivers: Springer International Publishing, 252 p.

The book is available for sale electronically (as a whole or chapter-by-chapter) or in hard cover from various outlets, including