CW3E Surface Meteorology and Soil Observations

In support of Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO), CW3E has partnered with USACE, NOAA, Sonoma Water, and local landowners to add six meteorological stations to the Lake Mendocino watershed in the upper Russian River watershed in northern California. These stations measure temperature, relative humidity, pressure, precipitation, and soil moisture and temperature at six levels. Data are collected every two minutes. The plots here represent raw data from the stations and have not undergone any quality control. Plots are updated once per day. Please direct any questions and requests for past and/or QC’d data to

Plot description: Surface meteorological and soil data observed at the location highlighted in the map. Top panel shows temperature (°F; blue line) and relative humidity (percentage; red line), second panel shows surface pressure (hPa), third panel shows hourly precipitation (inches; blue bars) and accumulated precipitation during the period shown (inches; red line), fourth panel shows the soil moisture (fraction) at various depths (color denoted by legend on right), and the bottom panel shows the soil temperature (°F) at the same depths as soil moisture.


Plot description: Accumulated precipitation (mm on left axis, inches on right axis) measured at the above the locations during the 2019 water year (1 October 2018 – present).