International Atmospheric Rivers Conference 2024

The Conference will be held from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm Pacific each day, June 24th – 27th. For virtual attendees, the day will end at ~5 pm Pacific Time on Monday and Wednesday, when we will have in-person poster sessions.

To ensure a smooth transition during the conference and robust discussion during the event, we are asking all speakers to upload their presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint (*.pptx) slide deck to the IARC – 2024 Presentations Drive.

The drive is organized first by day, then by session. Please navigate to your assigned day and session folder, and save/upload your slides using LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME as the naming convention, e.g., Babbitt_Samuel.pptx

Committee guidance for your presentation format is provided below:

Regular Talk: Each talk is allotted 12 minutes in total. You are encouraged to summarize your talk in 8-9 minutes to leave time for questions. A 15-minute time allotment will follow each session block, this will be dedicated to a post-session question and discussion period with all session presenters.

If you are presenting virtually, you are welcome to share your own screen, but we would like to ask for your slides as back-up in case of any technical issues during the event. There will be time before the conference each day and in the breaks to test out screen sharing and sound.

When it is your turn to speak you can either show your video and/or just unmute to speak. AV technicians will pull up and show your slides, and you will be able to control the sequencing of the slides using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you would like to share your screen and control the presentation from your end, please go ahead when it is your turn. We will keep your slides up in the background should they be needed. If you encounter any technical issues sequencing your slides during your talk please just say “next slide,” and we will move to the next slide for you.

Lightning Talk: Each talk is allotted 3 minutes. In this format, questions and most interaction will occur offline (either before, during, or after the conference). Your three minutes is meant to provide a glimpse of your work by using up to three slides maximum.

When it is your turn to present, you may either show your video and/or just unmute to speak. The 1st slide in your presentation, if submitted, will be put on the screen by the AV technician. If you have a short talk that includes more than 1 slide, or an animation, please use the arrow keys on your keyboard to advance the slides, alternatively you could simply say “next slide” when needed. Please ensure you open the talk by introducing yourself and your work. You will be able to turn on the video/mic for the 15 minute discussion following the session.

Breakouts: Breakout sessions will be added within the main conference Zoom session on Tuesday 1400 – 1600 and Thursday 1100 – 1300 Pacific. Attendees do not need to prepare anything additional for the breakout rooms; just be ready for discussion and participation.

Poster: We do not have a poster printer available on site, but printing services are available nearby. Poster sessions will be held on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Monday afternoon posters can be set up all day Monday and may remain up Tuesday for optional viewing in the breaks. Wednesday afternoon posters can be set up Wednesday and remain up Thursday for optional viewing in the breaks. Suggested maximum size is 36”x48”.

Reminder – Poster presentations must be in person.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.

Zoom webinar information will be the same each day. The webinar will be open 30 minutes prior to starting each day (1500 UTC) to enable speakers to test their screen share and audio if they wish.

Best regards,

The IARC 2024 Conference Implementation Committee