Public Reports

Reports listed here are authored by one or more CW3E members or sponsors.

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Jasperse, J., F.M. Ralph, M. Anderson, L. Brekke, M. Dillabough, M. Dettinger, R. Hartman, C. Jones, P. Rutten, C. Talbot, R. Webb, D. Ford, A. O’Donnell and A. DuBay, 2015: A comprehensive plan to evaluate the viability of forecast informed reservoir operations for Lake Mendocino. Sonoma County Water Agency report, 1-374.

Ralph, F.M., K.A. Prather, D. Cayan, R. Spackman, P. DeMott, M. Dettinger, C. Fairall, R. Leung, D. Rosenfeld, S. Rutledge, D. Waliser, and A.B. White, 2014: CalWater 2: Precipitation, Aerosols, and Pacific Atmospheric Rivers Experiment. CalWater2 White Paper. click here for pdf file