U.S. West Coast Drought Information

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Precipitation Percentiles: Monitoring drought in California and Nevada
The link above provides graphics showing precipitation percentiles over the last 10 years or since 1900 as a function of timescale for California and Nevada climate divisions.

Percent of Normal Precipitation (from Western Regional Climate Center> Last 12 Months
Last 12 months
Last 24 Months
Last 24 months
Last 36 Months
Last 24 months
Precipitation Deficits (from NOAA Climate Prediction Center) Sacramento
Sacramento Deficit
San Francisco
San Francisco Deficit
San Diego
San Diego Deficit
Precipitation Percentiles: Water Year to-date (from CW3E Researcher David Pierce) Western U.S.
Western U.S.
Northern Cal
Nor Cal
Southern Cal
So Cal
Cumulative Water-Year Precipitation (from CA Dept Water Resources) No. Sierra 8-stn Index
NS 8-stn
So. Sierra 5-stn Index
SS 5-stn
California Snow Water Content relative to April 1 Average(from CA Dept Water Resources) Comparison to Historical Years
CA Snow Content
Statewide summary
CA Snow Content
(Updated Mar 21, 2014) Likelihood of California Drought ending by Oct 2014 (from CW3E Researcher, Mike Dettinger) Odds CD2
Climate Division 1
Climate Division 2
Climate Division 3
Climate Division 4

Climate Division 5
Climate Division 6
Climate Division 7
Climate Division Map