Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations

FIRO is a reservoir-operations strategy that better informs decisions to retain or release water by integrating additional flexibility in operation policies and rules with enhanced monitoring and improved weather and water forecasts (American Meteorological Society; 2020).

FIRO is being developed and tested as a collaborative effort in the Russian River Basin (Lake Mendocino), the Santa Ana River Basin (Prado Dam), and the Yuba-Feather River Basins that engages experts and stakeholders in civil engineering, hydrology, meteorology, biology, economics and climate from several federal, state and local, universities and others. There is significant interest and support for developing FIRO at other appropriate locations in the Western U.S. and elsewhere.

Lake Mendocino
Prado Dam
FIRO Colloquium

Seventh Annual Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO) Workshop

Join us, virtually, for the Seventh Annual Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations Workshop. We will have a condensed but exciting series of presentations about cutting-edge developments on the FIRO front, sprinkled with some on-line polling to keep the session as interactive as possible. Tune in to learn about FIRO progress to date, future FIRO directions and new scientific advancements in understanding and improving the forecasting of atmospheric rivers.

The on-line workshop will be held during the mornings of August 4-6, 2020. Holding the workshop virtually has meant condensing some presentations, eliminating or combining others, and finding innovative ways to make it as interactive as possible. We hope that you’ll join us for a new way of connecting on our mutual interests in FIRO!

Please be sure to register for the workshop so you’ll automatically receive updated information and we can better plan workshop logistics. Also be sure to check this web page periodically, as more frequent updates will be posted here.