Integrated Water Vapor Transport (IVT) GFS Cross Sections

These cross sections illustrate the forecasted conditions along a longitudinal line from 25-65°N for the given forecast time from the 0.25° GFS model. The top panel shows IVT in each layer (kg m-1s-1, shaded), the 0°C isotherm (contour), and wind barbs (m/s) and the bottom panel illustrates the IWV and IVT. The dashed lines on the bottom panel illustrate thresholds for AR conditions. The map on the left shows the location of the cross section as well as the IVT (kg m-1s-1) at the forecast time from the GFS. Gray shading indicates the presence of AR conditions (IVT >250 kg m-1s-1 and IWV >20 mm). Place your mouse over a forecast hour for a given longitude to see the cross section or click to open in a new window.

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