West-WRF Hourly Precipitation and Snow Forecasts

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Plot Description: These meteograms illustrate the forecasted conditions over a given locations for the 3 or 7-day forecast period. The top panel includes IVT in each layer (kg m-1s-1) shaded with the 0°C isotherm, and wind barbs (m/s), gray shading indicates location elevation. The middle plot illustrates the 1-hour precipitation represented by the bars, total 72-hour (or 7-day) precipitation, height of the 0°C isotherm, and location elevation. When the freezing level is below the location elevation, line and bars are blue representing the likelihood of snow and when the freezing level is above the location elevation line and bars are green representing the likelihood of rain. The bottom plot illustrates the IWV and IVT, as well as the presence of AR conditions shaded in gray. The yellow dot on the map indicates the location of the current plot.

Select meteogram duration, latitude and longitude to generate plot. Click image to open in new tab.

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