September 16, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: Atmospheric River Families: Definition and Associated Synoptic Conditions

September 12, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: Linking Bay Area Landslides and Atmospheric Rivers

September 10, 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Lamjiri – CW3E Graduate Student Successfully Defends Dissertation

August 27, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: Improving Atmospheric River Forecasts with Machine Learning

August 1, 2019: CW3E AR Update: 01 August Outlook

July 30, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: 2018 International Atmospheric Rivers Conference: Multi-disciplinary studies and high-impact applications of atmospheric rivers

July 16, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: Rapid Cyclogenesis from a Mesoscale Frontal Wave on an Atmospheric River: Impacts on Forecast Skill and Predictability during Atmospheric River Landfall

July 3, 2019: Week 2 of the AR Colloquium is Underway!

July 1, 2019: AR Recon Officially Called for in the National Winter Season Operations Plan

June 27, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: The role of hydrological initial conditions on Atmospheric River floods in the Russian River basin

June 26, 2019: The AR Colloquium Summer School Kicks-Off

June 19, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: The Effect of El Niño on Flood Damages in the Western United States

May 17, 2019: CW3E AR Update: 17 May Outlook

May 13, 2019: CW3E AR Update: 13 May Outlook

May 8, 2019: Water Year 2019: April Atmospheric Rivers