November 18, 2019: CW3E at Northern California Post-Wildfire Processes Meeting

November 15, 2019: CW3E Hosts 11th Annual Winter Outlook Workshop Sponsored by California DWR

November 15, 2019: CW3E Participates in 3rd ARTMIP Workshop

August 12, 2019: Sixth Annual FIRO Workshop

July 30, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: 2018 International Atmospheric Rivers Conference: Multi-disciplinary studies and high-impact applications of atmospheric rivers

July 3, 2019: Week 2 of the AR Colloquium is Underway!

June 26, 2019: The AR Colloquium Summer School Kicks-Off

June 25, 2019: CW3E Invited to Present at the California Utility Forecasting Meeting

June 14, 2019: CW3E Participates in ECMWF’s Workshop on Observational Campaigns for Better Weather Forecasts

June 13, 2019: AMS Broadcast Conference Attendees Visit CW3E

June 11, 2019: CW3E Graduate Student Attends the American Meteorological Society Summer Policy Colloquium

June 6, 2019: Climate Projections and Community Resilience: CW3E Explores the Yampa River Basin

May 1, 2019: FIRO Panel Held at 2019 Annual California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum

April 22, 2019: CW3E Hosts Annual Meeting

April 1, 2019: Southwest Extreme Precipitation Symposium (SWEPSYM)