September 15, 2020: CW3E To Launch Second Year of Experimental Seasonal Forecasts of Precipitation

September 15, 2020: CW3E Explores Shifting Seasons and Precipitation in the Yampa River Basin Upcoming Webinar

August 17, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations Using Ensemble Streamflow Predictions for a Multi‐Purpose Reservoir in Northern California

July 21, 2020: CW3E Visiting Researcher Honored at California Extreme Precipitation Symposium

July 16, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: Forecast Errors and Uncertainties in Atmospheric Rivers

July 9, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: Snowmelt causes different limitations on transpiration in a Sierra Nevada conifer forest

July 8, 2020: CW3E Hosts Virtual Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Workshop

July 7, 2020: Measuring and Managing Seasonal Variability: CW3E Explores the Yampa River Basin

May 27, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: The Hydrometeorological Observation Network in California’s Russian River Watershed: Development, Characteristics and Key Findings from 1997 to 2019

May 13, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: West Coast Forecast Challenges and Development of Atmospheric River Reconnaissance

May 6, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: Recent Changes in United States Extreme 3-Day Precipitation Using the R-CAT Scale

April 27, 2020: CW3E Student Helps Facilitate Virtual Conference on Sustainability and the Global Pandemic

April 23, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: PERSIANN Dynamic Infrared–Rain Rate Model (PDIR) for High-Resolution, Real-Time Satellite Precipitation Estimation

April 13, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: Quantifying the Spatial Variability of a Snowstorm Using Differential Airborne Lidar

April 2, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: Detection Uncertainty Matters for Understanding Atmospheric Rivers