June 9, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Summarizing Relationships Among Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers, Integrated Water Vapor Transport, and California Watershed Precipitation 1982–2019

May 4, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Running a scientific conference during pandemic times

April 26, 2022: CW3E and Groundwork San Diego Host Webster Elementary School Students at Scripps Pier to Learn About ARs and extreme weather

April 6, 2022: CW3E and Yuba Water Agency Visit YES Charter Academy for Lesson on ARs

April 5, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Increases in Future AR Count and Size: Overview of the ARTMIP Tier 2 CMIP5/6 Experiment

March 24, 2022: Lake Mendocino Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations Awarded ASCE Region 9 Water Project

March 22, 2022: CW3E demonstrates balloon launch, discusses research with USC students at Wrigley Marine Science Center

March 8, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Future changes of PNA-like MJO teleconnections in CMIP6 models: underlying mechanisms and uncertainty

March 1, 2022: CW3E Hosts AR and Forecast Tool Informational Session with USACE Portland District

February 23, 2022: IRI Weather Regime Subseasonal Forecast Product Added to CW3E S2S Webpage

February 15, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: First Airborne Measurements with a G-band Differential Absorption Radar

February 14, 2022: Dr. Michael Dettinger Elected to National Academy of Engineering

January 18, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Improved Forecast Skill through the Assimilation of Dropsonde Observations from the Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Program

January 13, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Large-scale environments of successive atmospheric river events leading to compound precipitation extremes in California

January 12, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Workshop Promotes Research and Operations Partnership