May 4, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Evaluation of the Subseasonal Forecast Skill of Floods Associated with Atmospheric Rivers in Coastal Western US Watersheds

April 30, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: A Climatological Study of National Weather Service Watches, Warnings, and Advisories and Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers in the Western U.S. 2006–2018

April 28, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Uncertainty in different precipitation products in the case of two atmospheric river events

April 15, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Time Since Burning and Rainfall Characteristics Impact Post-Fire Debris-Flow Initiation and Magnitude

March 31, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: The role of air‐sea interactions in atmospheric rivers: Case studies using the SKRIPS regional coupled model

March 2, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: The Influence of Antecedent Atmospheric River Conditions on Extratropical Cyclogenesis

February 11, 2021: Estimating Benefits of Forecast-Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO): Lake Mendocino Case-Study and Transferable Decision Support Tool

February 9, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: A climatology of atmospheric rivers in New Zealand

February 8, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: European West Coast atmospheric rivers: A scale to characterize strength and impacts

February 8, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: The Circulation Response of a Two-Dimensional Frontogenetic Model to Optimized Moisture Perturbations

December 23, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: Atmospheric river sectors: Definition and characteristics observed using dropsondes from 2014-2020 CalWater and AR Recon

December 22, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: A soil moisture monitoring network to assess controls on runoff generation during atmospheric river events

November 23, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: Subseasonal‐to‐Seasonal Hindcast Skill Assessment of Ridging Events Related to Drought Over the Western United States

November 16, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: The Observed Water Vapor Budget in an Atmospheric River over the Northeast Pacific

November 15, 2020: CW3E Publication Notice: Hydrometeorological Characteristics of Ice Jams on the Pemigewasset River in Central New Hampshire