January 6, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Evaluating the Meteorological Conditions Associated With Dusty Atmospheric Rivers

December 20, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Assessment of a post-fire debris flow impacting El Capitan Watershed, Santa Barbara County, California, USA

December 6, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Advances in the Application and Utility of Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Predictions

November 23, 2021: Bibliography of AR-Focused Publications

November 23, 2021: Congratulations to Dr. Chapman – CW3E Graduate Student Successfully Defends Dissertation

November 12, 2021: CW3E Launches New S2S Precipitation Forecast Product Using Machine Learning Models

November 8, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Genesis Locations of the Costliest Atmospheric Rivers Impacting the Western United States

November 3, 2021: CW3E Welcomes Benjamin Downing

October 29, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Probabilistic Predictions from Deterministic Atmospheric River Forecasts with Deep Learning

September 3, 2021: CW3E Hosts 2021 Summer Intern Program

July 29, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: A warming climate adds complexity to post-fire hydrologic hazard planning

July 27, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Object-based Verification of Atmospheric River Predictions in the Northeast Pacific

July 20, 2021: CW3E Hosts Second Annual Atmospheric River Reconnaissance (AR Recon) Workshop

July 20, 2021: The Women of AR Recon

July 16, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Representation of dropsonde-observed atmospheric river conditions in reanalyses