May 13, 2024: Kyle Hurley Recognized as a 2024 Triton Student Employee of the Year for His Role in the 2024 AR Recon Season

April 26, 2024: AR Recon Program Endorsement by World Meteorological Organization

February 1, 2024: CW3E Publication Notice: An Assessment of Dropsonde Sampling Strategies for Atmospheric River Reconnaissance

January 29, 2024: CW3E Publication Notice: Advancing atmospheric river science and inspiring future development of the Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Program

December 11, 2023: CW3E Event Summary: 30 November-6 December 2023

October 31, 2023: CW3E Publication Notice: Impacts of Dropsonde Observations on Forecasts of Atmospheric Rivers and Associated Precipitation in the NCEP GFS and ECMWF IFS models

August 9, 2023: CW3E Publication Notice: Forecast Evaluation of the North Pacific Jet Stream Using AR Recon Dropwindsondes

July 13, 2023: CW3E Members Attend 4th Annual Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Workshop at ECMWF in Reading, UK

March 27, 2023: Undergraduates of AR Recon

February 21, 2023: CW3E AR Update: 21 February 2023 Outlook

February 8, 2023: CW3E Publication Notice: Impacts of Northeastern Pacific Buoy Surface Pressure Observations

February 3, 2023: AR Recon Makes Headlines in New York Times and LA Times

January 25, 2023: AR Recon Milestones – Flight Plans for the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean

December 8, 2022: CW3E AR Update: 8 December 2022 Outlook

November 10, 2022: CW3E Event Summary: 3-5 November 2022