March 24, 2023: CW3E Publication Notice: Deep Learning Forecast Uncertainty for Precipitation over Western US

March 21, 2023: Ranking Atmospheric Rivers: New Study Finds World of Potential

March 1, 2023: CW3E Publication Notice: Drought Attribution Studies and Water Resources Management

February 27, 2023: CW3E Publication Notice: Autumn precipitation: the competition with Santa Ana winds in determining fire outcomes in Southern California

February 10, 2023: CW3E Publication Notice: Evaluation of Subseasonal Drought Forecast Skill over the Coastal Western U.S.

February 8, 2023: CW3E Publication Notice: Impacts of Northeastern Pacific Buoy Surface Pressure Observations

February 2, 2023: CW3E Publication Notice: A 440-Year Blue-Oak Reconstruction of Heavy Precipitation in California

November 30, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Representation of Atmospheric Water Budget and Uncertainty Quantification of Future Changes in CMIP6 for the Seven U.S. National Climate Assessment Regions

November 22, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Seasonality of MJO Impacts on Precipitation Extremes Over the Western U.S.

October 4, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Impacts of dropsonde and satellite observations on the forecasts of two atmospheric-river-related heavy rainfall events

September 16, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Unveiling Four Decades of Intensifying Precipitation from Tropical Cyclones Using Satellite Measurements

July 26, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Winter Wet-Dry Weather Patterns Driving Atmospheric Rivers and Santa Ana Winds Provide Evidence for Increasing Wildfire Hazard in California

July 26, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Advances in Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction Relevant to Water Management in the Western United States

June 9, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Summarizing Relationships Among Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers, Integrated Water Vapor Transport, and California Watershed Precipitation 1982–2019

May 4, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Running a scientific conference during pandemic times