January 18, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Improved Forecast Skill through the Assimilation of Dropsonde Observations from the Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Program

January 13, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Large-scale environments of successive atmospheric river events leading to compound precipitation extremes in California

January 12, 2022: CW3E Publication Notice: Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Workshop Promotes Research and Operations Partnership

December 20, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Assessment of a post-fire debris flow impacting El Capitan Watershed, Santa Barbara County, California, USA

December 6, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Advances in the Application and Utility of Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Predictions

November 12, 2021: CW3E Launches New S2S Precipitation Forecast Product Using Machine Learning Models

October 29, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Probabilistic Predictions from Deterministic Atmospheric River Forecasts with Deep Learning

October 13, 2021: CW3E Participates in a Dialogue on Drought in the Upper Colorado’s Yampa River Basin after the First-Ever Shortage Declaration on Lake Mead

September 3, 2021: CW3E Hosts 2021 Summer Intern Program

July 20, 2021: CW3E Hosts Second Annual Atmospheric River Reconnaissance (AR Recon) Workshop

July 20, 2021: The Women of AR Recon

July 16, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Representation of dropsonde-observed atmospheric river conditions in reanalyses

June 29, 2021: Hydrology Post-Doc Position at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA

June 25, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Better Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Forecasts for Water Management

April 15, 2021: CW3E Publication Notice: Time Since Burning and Rainfall Characteristics Impact Post-Fire Debris-Flow Initiation and Magnitude