CW3E AR Update: 8 January 2024 East Coast Outlook

January 8, 2024

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Two Low Pressure Systems to Bring Heavy Precipitation to East Coast

  • Two low pressure systems and associated atmospheric rivers (AR) are forecast bring heavy precipitation to much of the Eastern and Midwest US this week.
  • The first strong AR (IVT > 1200 kg m-1 s-1 in the core) is forecast to form early Mon 8 Jan, progressing up the US East Coast through Wed 10 Jan before moving out to the Atlantic.
  • The first system is forecast to bring heavy precipitation, a mix of rain and snow, to the Eastern US.
  • Given the recent AR that impacted the eastern US, there is an increased threat of flooding throughout this event, with the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) Excessive Rainfall Outlook (ERO) forecasting a Moderate Risk (level 3 of 4, or 40% chance) for flooding for select areas through Tuesday Night.
  • The second AR (IVT > 1200 kg m-1 s-1 in the core) forms in the Gulf Thu 11 Jan, propagating through the East Coast out over the Atlantic by Fri 12 Jan.
  • The NWS WPC is forecasting an additional 1+ inches of rainfall for the region as it progresses up the coast. This continues the threat for flooding throughout the region.

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Valid 0000 UTC 8 January 2024 – 0000 UTC 14 January 2024







Summary provided by M. Steen, S.Bartlett, C.Castellano, and P. Iniguez; 8 January 2024

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