CW3E Conducts Radiosonde Launch with UCSD-EarthLab High School Students

July 27, 2021

On July 15th, CW3E Field Researchers Carly Ellis and Ava Cooper conducted a radiosonde launch and discussion on the Scripps Pier for UCSD-EarthLab Community Station, a partnership between UCSD Center on Global Justice and Groundwork San Diego-Chollas Creek. The UCSD-EarthLab Community Station is a 4-acre climate action park, designed for experiential outdoor education for underserved communities. Education is a CW3E core value and the Center appreciates the opportunity to connect young students with local scientists. CW3E hopes to continue working with UCSD-EarthLab Community Station to increase student access to and interest in STEM for years to come.

About 15 high school students from Groundwork’s Green Team, a summer internship program, joined CW3E to discuss surface meteorological instrumentation and participate in a weather balloon launch. Discussion focused on how the instrumentation works, what it measures, and how this knowledge and research can be used to improve forecasting and water resource management. During the demonstration students were actively engaged, asked thoughtful questions, and assisted in the process of preparing and releasing the weather balloon. There were many opportunities for hands-on learning and even marine wildlife sightings!

Additional CW3E staff (Kerstin Paulsson and Peter Yao), post-docs (Negin Hyatbini), students (Cody Poulsen), and interns (Diana Montoya-Herrera and Levi Newell) also helped throughout the day and shared their own journeys and experiences in STEM.

Because this event was scheduled during our annual CW3E Internship Program, the team also launched a radiosonde with this year’s intern cohort. Some interns had already participated in balloon launches elsewhere and were able to share their experience and knowledge of soundings with their peers.

Field Researcher Ava Cooper, Research Data Analyst Peter Yao, Graduate Student and Intern Program Lead Cody Poulsen, and Interns Levi Newell and Diana Montoya-Herrera talk with UCSD-EarthLab Community Station students about the surface meteorology station on the pier.

UCSD-EarthLab Community Station students release a radiosonde on Scripps Pier