CW3E Hosts Annual Meeting

April 22, 2019

CW3E hosted its annual meeting April 15th-19th at the Scripps Seaside Forum. The meeting was three full days for CW3E researchers, graduate students, and post-doctoral scholars to come together with collaborators to learn and provide feedback about each others’ research as well a build new potential collaborations. Many CW3E partners from universities and agencies all over the US attended the meeting, providing an opportunity to bring together scientists and address major science challenges of extreme precipitation in the Western US.

Topics for the meetings included subseasonal to seasonal forecasting, synoptic scale meteorology, forecasting evaluation, impacts of atmospheric river science, case study analyses, hydrology, data assimilation and AR recon, and FIRO. In addition Marty Ralph, CW3E Director, presented on current status of CW3E and the accomplishments over the last year. A special panel session dedicated to a sensor network evaluation that CW3E led provided a lot of good feedback on how the sensor networks are used and potential next steps for additional evaluations. On Tuesday night there was a poster session and a networking cocktail hour providing additional opportunities for individuals to share ideas and discuss current and future research. A brief survey taken by attendees showed that the meeting was successful in building new collaborations.