CW3E Welcomes Jacob Morgan

October 12, 2023

Jacob joined CW3E in October 2023 as a field research engineer. Prior to joining the Center, Jacob earned his BSc and MSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford (2016) and his PhD in Climate Science from Scripps Institution of Oceanography (2023)

Jacob’s doctoral research focused on reconstructing past climate using the composition of air bubbles preserved in ancient Antarctic ice cores. By measuring the composition of oxygen in the bubbles trapped in Antarctic ice cores, Jacob reconstructed periodic northward and southward shifts in the position of the ITCZ during the last glacial period, between twenty thousand and seventy thousand years ago. The shifts occurred in sync with Dansgaard-Oeschger events–abrupt climate warmings in the North Atlantic–and were associated with a strengthening and weakening of the Northern Hemisphere tropical monsoon systems and fluctuations in tropical biosphere productivity.

At CW3E, Jacob will be a member of the field team and is excited to get involved with their various projects. He has plenty of experience navigating the complex logistics involved in executing successful fieldwork projects in remote locations and extreme weather–his list of previous field sites includes Antarctica, Greenland, the Pyrenees, and Bermuda. He is eager to now put these skills to use in the Western US.