CW3E Welcomes Matthew Simpson

December 5, 2020

Matthew Simpson joined CW3E as a Ph.D. atmospheric scientist in December 2020. He received his Ph.D. from NC State University where he studied the dynamics of pollution transport in the marine boundary layer and the effects of urban land use on sea breeze induced precipitation.

After college, Matthew worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) for 13 years utilizing numerical weather prediction and atmospheric transport models for national security applications. In addition, he participated in numerous research studies to improve wind and solar resource forecasting in California. A key area of research focus for Matthew at LLNL was applying ensemble-based techniques to improve weather prediction via uncertainty quantification.

Matthew’s interest in meteorology began as a child when Hurricane Hugo passed through Charlotte, NC. He learned that the weather can be both beautiful and dangerous. Over time, he developed the philosophy to enjoy the natural beauty of weather while using science and creativity to predict and mitigate the dangerous side. Matthew looks forward to supporting CW3E by using his atmospheric modeling experience to improve real-time atmospheric river forecasting, generate high-resolution data sets of historical weather conditions, and to support research projects focusing on improving hazardous weather prediction.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys hiking and exploring the forests and deserts of the amazing American Southwest.