CW3E AR Update: 7 January Outlook

January 7, 2019

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Continued AR Activity Forecast for the USWC Over the next Several Days

  • A potentially moderate AR is forecast to make landfall over northern CA
  • AR conditions are currently forecast to last >24 hours over coastal locations north of 35˚N latitude
  • As much as 6 inches of precipitation could fall over the higher elevations of Northern California over the next 72-hours
  • Additional ARs forecast to make landfall between 11 and 14 January bringing more precipitation to the U.S. West Coast
  • The additional ARs could bring precipitation to Southern CA with the 6-day NWS CNRFC predicting .5-3 inches

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Valid 0000 UTC 7 January – 0000 UTC 14 January 2019






Summary provided by C. Hecht, B. Kawzenuk, J. Kalansky, and F. M. Ralph; 3 PM PT 7 January 2019