July 3, 2019: Week 2 of the AR Colloquium is Underway!

June 27, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: The role of hydrological initial conditions on Atmospheric River floods in the Russian River basin

June 26, 2019: The AR Colloquium Summer School Kicks-Off

June 25, 2019: CW3E Invited to Present at the California Utility Forecasting Meeting

June 19, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: The Effect of El Niño on Flood Damages in the Western United States

June 14, 2019: CW3E Participates in ECMWF’s Workshop on Observational Campaigns for Better Weather Forecasts

May 28, 2019: Sharing Science on World Oceans Day

May 20, 2019: CW3E Graduate Student Selected for National Center for Atmospheric Research Graduate Visitor Program, March-May 2019

May 14, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: A Deficit of Seasonal Temperature Forecast Skill over West Coast Regions in NMME

April 9, 2019: Water Year 2019: March Atmospheric Rivers

April 5, 2019: CW3E Publication Notice: Contrasting Local and Long-Range Transported Warm Ice-Nucleating Particles During an Atmospheric River in Coastal California, USA

March 21, 2019: Hydrology Post-Doctoral Position Available at the CW3E

March 7, 2019: Water Year 2019: February Atmospheric Rivers

March 4, 2019: Water Year 2019: January Atmospheric Rivers

February 20, 2019: Water Year 2019: December Atmospheric Rivers