February 2, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: An Inter-comparison Between Reanalysis and Dropsonde Observations of the Total Water Vapor Transport in Individual Atmospheric Rivers

January 10, 2018: CW3E Fieldwork Season Begins

January 8, 2018: Odds of Reaching 100% Water Year Precipitation – Jan Update

December 22, 2017: CW3E Director Featured in Weather Channel Article on ARs

December 8, 2017: Odds of Reaching 100% Water Year Precipitation – Dec Update

December 1, 2017: CW3E Publication Notice: Flood runoff in relation to water vapor transport by atmospheric rivers over the western United States

November 6, 2017: CW3E Hosts California DWR Winter Outlook Workshop

November 6, 2017: Atmospheric Rivers Highlighted in the U.S. Fourth National Climate Assessment

October 24, 2017: CW3E Graduate Student to Participate in United Nations Convention Next Month

October 9, 2017: CW3E, UCAR, and NCAR Meet to Discuss West-WRF Regional Model Development

September 14, 2017: CW3E Publication Notice: Dropsonde Observations of Total Integrated Water Vapor Transport within North Pacific Atmospheric Rivers

September 13, 2017: CW3E Publication Notice: The Chiricahua Gap and the Role of Easterly Water Vapor Transport in Southeastern Arizona Monsoon Precipitation

September 12, 2017: CW3E Publication Notice: Characterizing the Influence of Atmospheric River Orientation and Intensity on Precipitation Distribution over North-Coastal California

July 10, 2017: CW3E Publication Notice: Hourly Storm Characteristics along the U.S. West Coast: Role of Atmospheric Rivers in Extreme Precipitation

June 29, 2017: CW3E Graduate Students Complete Advanced Study Program in Colorado