September 6, 2017: CW3E Field Team Beats the Heat, Installs Meteorology and Hydrology Instruments in Russian River Watershed

May 15, 2017: CW3E Outreach at Local Elementary School

April 16, 2017: CW3E Launches Radiosonde with Potter Valley Elementary School Students

January 10, 2017: Where was the most extreme precipitation yesterday in the West?

December 2, 2016: CW3E partners with California Department of Water Resources, California Geological Survey, US Geological Survey, and the Western Regional Climate Center to assess post-fire debris flow hazards in northern California

November 28, 2016: Publication Notice: CalWater Field Studies Designed to Quantify the Roles of Atmospheric Rivers and Aerosols in Modulating U.S. West Coast Precipitation in a Changing Climate

November 22, 2016: Publication Notice: Forecasting Atmospheric Rivers during CalWater 2015

June 12, 2015: Test Beds Linking Research and Forecasting

May 27, 2014: Publication Notice: Chemical properties of insoluble precipitation residue particles

May 2, 2014: CalWater-ACAPEX 2015 Planning Workshop

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February 25, 2014: Scripps Researchers Take Flight

February 9, 2014: AR Impacting California