CW3E and #ProjectPhenomena Develop K-12 Lessons on CA Precipitation and ARs

November 1, 2018

CW3E Operations Manager, Julie Kalansky, worked with teachers in the San Diego and Orange County area as part of #ProjectPhenomena to develop science lessons that incorporated research on atmospheric rivers and California precipitation climatology for classrooms K-12. #ProjectPhenomena is a collaboration of teacher, industry, university, and community organization leaders who want to help students engage in relevant, engaging, and meaningful phenomena as part of science process. Using a phenomenon, such as ARs, supports the learning of science concepts anchored around something that will engage students (make them wonder and ask questions), whereby they seek accurate, evidence-based explanations for how and why things occur using the new science standards.

The two-day teacher training resulted in the teachers learning about ARs and CA precipitation climatology at present and in future projections. The group co-developed outlines of lessons about these topics targeting the 3rd grade, 6th grade and high school level. Julie will continue to work with the lead teachers to turn these outlines into teaching resources for teachers all throughout California.