CW3E AR Update: 14-17 October 2016 Post-Event Summary

October 20, 2016

CW3E gives a post-event storm summary about two Atmospheric Rivers that made landfall over the Pacific Northwest during 14-17 October 2016. This event was an R-Cat 3 event and produced over 15 inches of 72-hour precipitation.

Click here for a pdf file of this information.

NCEP GFS Analysis – Valid: 0000 UTC 12 Oct 2016 – 0600 UTC 17 Oct 2016


NEXRAD Radar: 0000 UTC 14-17 Oct 2016

  • Radar imagery shows widespread precipitation over the Pacific Northwest during 14-17 Oct 2016
  • Severe convection on 14 Oct produced multiple tornadoes in OR and high winds across the region
  • Throughout the period the PNW was impacted by several alternating periods of stratiform and convective precipiation