CW3E AR Update: 9 November 2023 Outlook

November 9, 2023

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Potential Atmospheric River to Impact the West Coast Next Week

  • Several low pressure systems will interact across the Northeast Pacific Ocean this weekend.
  • As they do, they will evolve into a deep storm system off the California coast.
  • Significant amounts of moisture will be drawn northward into the system.
  • As the system advances onshore, at least one atmospheric river will develop and very likely bring widespread rain and snow to the West Coast and inland areas.
  • The Atmospheric River Reconnaissance field campaign has been tracking these systems and is planning sampling flights coming up.
  • Watch for updates from CW3E in the days ahead and follow local NOAA/NWS offices for official forecast updates.

Click images to see loops of GFS IVT and 500 hPa Vorticity forecasts

Valid 0000 UTC 12 November – 0000 UTC 17 November 2023












Summary provided by P. Iniguez, C. Castellano, M. Steen, and S. Bartlett; 9 November 2023

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