CW3E Graduate Student Selected for National Center for Atmospheric Research Graduate Visitor Program, March-May 2019

May 20, 2019

Maryam at Brainard Lake, Colorado

CW3E graduate student, Maryam Asgari Lamjiri, was awarded the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)’s Advanced Study Program’s Graduate Student Fellowship. As part of this fellowship she spent three months at NCAR working with Dr. Stefano Alessandrini on applying the Analog Ensemble (AE) approach to the station-based precipitation dataset in California in conjunction with the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts Re-Analysis 5 (ERA 5) to 1) fill in the missing values in the observational dataset, 2) investigate the possibility of extending this dataset back in time to the period where only the reanalysis products are available, 3) add a reliable uncertainty quantification of these estimates as provided by AnEn, and 4) test the new techniques developed for bias correction of the AnEn technique in forecast of rare events using these estimates. Pending additional analysis, results from this study will be submitted for potential peer-reviewed journal publication and will be part of Maryam’s Ph.D. dissertation.