CW3E is Seeking a Meteorologist to Join the Atmospheric River Reconnaissance Forecasting Team

November 10, 2021

The Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes is seeking a skilled forecaster to serve as a member of the forecasting team for Atmospheric River Reconnaissance (AR Recon). The AR Recon forecasting team presents succinct and productive daily weather briefings to the larger AR Recon group in an effort to identify potential flight targets and inform the group for potential aircraft flight plans. Forecast briefings include the interpretation of global, high-resolution, and ensemble meteorological forecast model information pertaining, but not limited to, atmospheric river characteristics, synoptic to mesoscale features, and potential impacts over the western United States. Briefings also aim to identify where potential uncertainties in model forecasts may originate in relation to the formation, evolution, and landfall of Eastern Pacific atmospheric rivers. Each day the forecast team consists of one lead forecaster who will represent the forecasting team and conduct the weather briefing and one or more support forecasters who assist in the development of the briefing and offer support to the lead forecaster. The hired employee will be tasked with serving as both a lead forecaster and support forecasted throughout the AR Recon campaign.

The preferred candidate will have experience interpreting model data across scales, creating forecasts specific to user needs, and working productively in a team setting. The preferred candidate will have strong knowledge and understanding of atmospheric processes and dynamics and be able to communicate these details to a broad audience. Due to the nature of the position, the forecaster will need to possess excellent verbal communication skills and be able to provide high quality, succinct, and detailed presentations. Experience in a Linux environment working with atmospheric model data as well as experience generating visualizations through languages such as NCL, Python, MATLAB or others is preferred but not required.

The position will be hired as a temporary position to serve during the AR Recon season. Anticipated start date is December 1, 2021 and go through to March 30, 2022. Remote work is an option. Please send CV, resume to Chad Hecht ( and include three references. The interview process will include leading a mock forecast discussion on the atmospheric event of the candidate’s choosing. Candidates that submit their application before Nov. 23rd will be given priority, but the position will remain open until filled.