CW3E Welcomes Ali Wolman

March 20, 2023

Ali Wolman joined CW3E’s Field Team as a Lab Assistant in January 2023. She travels to field sites and launches weather balloons to collect profiles of temperature, pressure, wind & moisture data, which is used to better understand and predict atmospheric rivers (ARs). When she isn’t in the field, Ali is helping organize the field team’s equipment & spaces. Ali also is working to update hands-on climate science programming for K-12 classes.

Prior to SIO, Ali worked in ocean research and science education. After earning a BS in Biology at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo focused on marine biology & conservation, she continued to work around the Central Coast. Ali stayed involved at Cal Poly in research as a SCUBA tech and worked to develop video-data collection technology using artificial intelligence to identify organisms in videos of the ocean floor. Ali also worked for NOAA, teaching marine biology at an informal science teaching center in San Simeon, CA. Before joining CW3E, she taught hands-on, classroom science at the Elementary Institute of Science in San Diego, CA.