CW3E welcomes Chad Hecht

October 17, 2016

Chad joins CW3E as a staff research associate from Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire. At Plymouth State, Chad worked under the advisement of Dr. Jason Cordeira and investigated the upstream evolution of atmospheric rivers and their impacts over the U.S. West Coast. The work focused on the synoptic-scale patterns that were associated with different “types” of ARs and the role Quasi-Geostrophic forcing played in precipitation accumulations. Chad also investigated the impacts associated with these landfalling ARs by developing an impact scale on a GIS platform. Chad looks forward to using his programming and research based skills to assist the CW3E team develop products and stakeholder tools. Having grown up in the Hudson Valley of New York and spending his whole life in the Northeast, Chad is excited to see what the Southwest and its temperate climate has to offer.